I'm Jason and thanks for visiting my personal website. 

As a former collegiate athlete, I transitioned my work habits on the soccer field to business and leadership. I now have over 20 years of experience leading technology delivery initiatives across various industries and roles.

I am dedicated to growing daily as a servant leader and faithful steward of my time, talents, resources and relationships so that I can increase my value to others.

I am also passionate about making an impact by coaching people in the areas of leadership development and financial stewardship as well as in adopting an entrepreneurial perspective in business and life.



  • Working hard and being gritty

  • Having a growth mindset (either winning or learning)

  • Gaining perspective through mentorship & coaching

  • Leading by example

  • Acting with integrity

  • Taking ownership

  • Leaving a last legacy

  • Serving to impact and add value to others

  • Being a faithful steward

  • Focusing on the outcome over the process

  • Challenging the status quo

  • Maintaining a positive mindset



  • Dating my wife 

  • Supporting my kids' hobbies and interests

  • Reading for growth and personal development  

  • Soccer (former collegiate player)

  • Drinking coffee (frequent visitor of coffee shops)

  • Spending time at the beach

  • Health and wellness



Overall, I value building relationships and appreciate the opportunity to network and learn from others.

Let's connect for a brief intro and virtual cup of coffee!


©2020 by Jason R Price.

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